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Category: Injury

The Dangers of Social Media in Family Law Cases

Posted on Jun. 13 2017 in Injury

Social media is a major part of how people stay connected for their business, friends and family. Access to social media can have some detrimental effects to a person’s family law case, or any other case for that matter. In this video, I interview family law attorney Jeremy Swanson of Swanson and O’Dell to explore

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When Should I Settle My Case?

Posted on Jun. 30 2016 in Injury

Consulting an attorney after being wrongfully injured by another person can often raise many questions: How much is my case worth?  Why does the attorney need all these documents?  Should I settle with the insurance company or go to trial?  This last question in particular is important because it has the potential to greatly change

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The Insurance Companies are Not Your Friends

Posted on Jun. 30 2016 in Auto insurance,Injury

Many people think that their insurance company has their own best interests in mind.  Everyone has seen the commercials where the companies market themselves as “good neighbors” and promise you that your claim will be in “good hands” in the event that you ever need the services that you pay for, but insurance companies never

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Understanding Pain and Suffering

Posted on Apr. 17 2015 in Injury,Pain and Suffering

When someone goes to a doctor, the doctor often asks about pain and levels of pain, but they rarely ask a patient about suffering. The doctor understands that when people are in pain that they also suffer, but the primary concern of a medical provider is to deal with pain as a symptom of a

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