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Category: Bicycle Safety

Tips for Pool, Bike, Playground Safety

Posted on Mar. 25 2015 in Bicycle Safety,Safety

Injuries Spike During Summer Swim lessons for kids can drastically reduce the risk of drowning. Summertime fun shouldn’t be derailed by a trip to the hospital. But unfortunately, more than 3 million kids in America under 14 will be rushed to the emergency room with serious injuries this summer, and 2,000 will die. Here are

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Bike Safety for Adults

Posted on Mar. 25 2015 in Bicycle Safety

Visibility, Location and Preparation Keys to a Safe Ride Wearing bright colors while biking makes you more visible to drivers. Biking is big in America. According to the League of American Bicyclists, there are more than 57 million cyclists out there at any given time rolling across our nation’s roads and trails. Transportation studies also

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