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Category: Auto insurance

The Insurance Companies are Not Your Friends

Posted on Jun. 30 2016 in Auto insurance,Injury

Many people think that their insurance company has their own best interests in mind.  Everyone has seen the commercials where the companies market themselves as “good neighbors” and promise you that your claim will be in “good hands” in the event that you ever need the services that you pay for, but insurance companies never

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Auto Insurance Coverage: What Kind of Coverage Do I Need?

Posted on Mar. 18 2015 in Auto insurance

Auto Insurance Coverage: Why Are Medical Insurance coverage, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Essential? In California it is the law that all motorists must have a minimum amount of liability insurance.  But is that minimum coverage going to be enough to protect you? The minimum amount of liability coverage that California law requires is $15,000 per

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