Wrongful Death Cases

The most important thing to do when someone dies due to the negligence and/or wrongful conduct of another party, agency or company, is to act quickly to make sure that the necessary steps are taken in preserving your claim for damages. You can call our office at any time you need us at (661) 327-0601. We are local to Kern County and the surrounding areas and our roots are deep in the community. When you call our office you talk to an experienced attorney about your case, not an answering service or paralegal.

Wrongful death cause of action is defined by state law as the death of a person by another person, due to their wrongful acts and/or negligence. These negligent persons can also be described as companies, public agencies, governmental agencies. It is a civil action not like a criminal action and is brought by the decedent’s family and/or dependants in civil court for compensation for their loss.

Recovery is based on the loss of financial support, offset medical expenses, funeral expenses and lost income. The law also allows recovery for loss of love and companionship.

It is crucial that you contact and speak to an experienced lawyer at Faulkner Law Offices as soon as possible. Strict laws limit your time to file a lawsuit. Generally in non-public entities the statute of limitations is two years from date of death. In cases against public entities, such as city, county, water districts, schools, hospitals, a claim must be filed within a short period of time. Generally this is six months but could be shorter.

At the Faulkner Law Offices we have the expertise to prepare your case for a successful outcome. There are no retainer fees or costs out of your pocket to take your case. At the successful conclusion of your case, we charge a percentage of the total recovery and reimburse our costs.

There are many ways that a wrongful death can occur due to the conduct of another Accidents including motor vehicles, bicycles, medical negligence, machinery defects, medical device defects, workplace injury, dangerous conditions of property (premises liability), tainted food, products liability, safety violations, gun accidents, law enforcement misconduct. We have handled every kind of these cases successfully for the past 40 years of practice in Kern County.

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If a loved one has passed due to the wrongful conduct of another in Bakersfield or Kern County, you may have legal recourse. To learn more, please contact us at (661) 327-0601.

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